Things usually start out of ideas, opportunities, dreams,

a legacy or a druggy night.
Templeton is no example when it comes to that.
Its identity and looks...the temple...are a home for all of us.

A place to live the dream.
To start something...move something...find a place to fit in.
In our case it's creating very street inspired outerwear pieces

which also fit well into your day off the nature.

Templeton is a straight reaction towards existing outdoor function.
The point is...we all want to enjoy mother nature more and wear some fine cloth while doing it.
We offer both of this with TempletonOuterwear.
The nature will always be nature, whatever color or name you give it.
We at Templeton try to keep it a bit simple for ourselves to not disturb it's essence.
The spirit is alive and has it's outcome through many good people riding, running and living it.
Templeton now joins this „club“ with another comrade... a few pillars and a roof.

Let's dance.