Templeton® Splitboard:

classic camber shape

- setback

- V-Tail for real surf experience

- compatible with Voilé pattern and 4x2

- ultra - light Poplar Woodcore FSC certified (board weight 3kg)

- Sintruded is 6000 base

- factory patented shock absorbing rubber side wall - PREVENTS BEVEL! (Kantenbruch)

-Carbon Stringers add torisional stiffness for improved response and increased pop.


UNION® Explorer 2022 Binding:


Only when your splitboard binding feels like a normal snowboard binding can you enjoy the descent to the fullest. The Union Explorer binding therefore focuses on natural board feeling, less moving parts and a robust design, made for the longest tours and steepest lines.

Split Pin System
The Union Split System is simple and very quick to use. To switch to ride mode, simply place the binding on the disc mounted to the board, slide the long pin under the baseplate and you're done. To switch to walk mode, pull the pin out again, place the binding on the touring brackets and push the pin back in.

The EXP2 Highback was developed specifically for splitboarding. It comes with a quick release for the tilt angle (Forward Lean). This allows you to switch from touring to ride mode with just one hand movement.

Mixed with carbon, Duraflex CB is lighter and much stiffer than typical glass reinforced nylon parts. The footbed has a special Non-Stick™ coating. This prevents ice from forming on the footbed and highback.

The ExoFrame 4.0 ankle straps are the ultimate connection between boot and binding. The progressive flex allows for quick response and power transfer for demanding riding at high speeds. The thermoplastic anti-slip material of the wide TS-2.0 toe straps keep your boots bombproof and secure in the binding. The Magnesium 3.0 buckles are made of magnesium and aluminum. A good combination of light weight and stability.

Including: All necessary mounting parts, Quiver Disk, Splitboard Strap, Touring Bracket

how to Set Up video


GECKO® Skin:

Gecko stands for highest quality and innovation in splitboard and ski skins.
The Gecko Mounted 140 mm splitboard skin offers you 100 % mohair, for best gliding properties and an adhesive layer that does not need glue. This makes the adhesive layer extremely temperature resistant. Fluctuations from + 250 degrees to - 70 degrees Celsius are easy to handle for this system. 
Gecko skins can be used on waxed and unwaxed surfaces and a silicone layer prevents unwanted moisture absorption.
Pulling the skins apart is super easy thanks to the glue-less system, and no extra protective film is needed to store the skins. 
If the adhesive layer is damaged, a subsequent coating is possible without any problems. Gecko also offers you a full 2 year warranty on the coating.
Environmental influences such as moisture and snow do not play a role when skinning. Ice crystals can be easily removed by hand heat or careful peeling over the edge of the snowboard. Afterwards you can immediately skin up again. 
Any contamination can be cleaned completely with lukewarm soapy water using a soft sponge. As a result, the adhesive layer regenerates itself each time. 
The lamination is applied by Gecko on the entire surface. This prevents moisture absorption at the lateral edges and on the backing material of the mohair. This way you don't have to worry about your skins getting soaked and freezing in low temperatures and no longer providing grip. 
This layer also binds the mohair. This makes it impossible to pull out the hair. 
The 100 % mohair is woven at a slant of approx. 45°, thus preventing tipping in the ascent and achieving the best gliding and climbing properties. A special dip impregnation seals the mohair fabric and prevents long-term moisture absorption.
The cutting of the skins is very easy with the corresponding cutting tool. 

Splitboard Set - Templeton x UNION® x Gecko® - fw21

  • setup is deliverd between 20th September and 11th October 2021